The Hudson River Yacht Club is a private yacht and social club located in Brooklyn, New York on Paerdegat Basin.  It was organized in 1873, where its original home was in New York City at the foot of West 70th Street and the Hudson River. It’s the 12th oldest yacht club in the State of New York and one of the originally established yacht clubs on the island of Manhattan in the 1800’s.  The collaborative efforts of the members have kept the club alive and vibrant for over 140 years throughout all of its location changes on the Hudson River shoreline to its present location.  Membership in the club is by sponsorship according to the Constitution and By-Laws that were established during its organization. Presently, it’s a community-based club with approximately 90 members.  Its officers are made up of a Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary.